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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Here's to new beginnings and lame excuses

Ah, at last my literary genius has found a home. It's everything I've ever dreamed it could be. Ever since my idle typing in college I've searched the world over for a venue worthy of my mediocre prattling. Well get ready world, its time for some Tim!
I hope this can be an arena for me to share my thoughts, hopes and dreams with my friends and any idle strangers who mosey past. I hope to chronicle the minutiae of my everyday, run of the mill life, but spice it up (BAM) to make it sound more interesting than I ever thought it could be, and of course sprinkle it with a dash of bad grammar and ill-used punctuation.
Hopefully for the those interested viewers (I think that should be readers, but this is on a screen, so it's like viewing) you will see this page grow and change into something quite spectacular, or like so many other things in my life wither and die,... so uh... yeah... there's what you have to look forward to. Either way, its bound to be a fun expedition.

"If you concentrate on the destination, you will miss the adventure that is the journey"
- What I tell my dog when he pulls on the leash on walks

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