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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Please disregard previous post...

Its the stupid things in life, really, that keep me going. Like when I'm meeting a new person that looks cool, then I misspell her name.
At least I know why I'm having a hard time meeting people!

oh well, "ce la vie"

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Where have all the good one's gone...

"You will meet more single women in college than you will meet the rest of your life!"
-Derek Bonesteel

Most of you will ask, "who the hell is Derek Bonesteel?" Well, that, as they say, is neither here nor there. Its not about who said it, but about the truth inherent in the above quote. I remember when I was told this I was in high school, surrounded by gorgeous women of every shape form and color. I couldn't turn around without my postpubescent eyes finding something to long over. They were in the halls, my classes, dressed as cheerleaders, tennis players, even theatre chicks. I couldn't imagine how the world would ever be any different. There would always be girls accessible, Derek was obviously a big fat liar.
College was no different, with of course the exception that I was a little older, and not quite as dorky looking. Once again, women were everywhere, they in classes, on the academic mall, in the cafeteria, sneaking down the halls of my dorm late at night (there was this one night our RA had to untie a naked girl from bedposts because her boyfriend had passed out drunk on the floor... ahh good times), and later coming to parties at my house. Imagine that! Girls just showing up at your house looking to have a good time! There world was indeed a marvelous place and I did indeed take advantage of all life had to offer.
I had my share of college relationships and one night stands, more the former than the latter. But, never found the girl who could be my magnetic north, the pull that gave my life direction. I figured, no rush, there will be other women.
Then came graduation and with it, the vast void that was no women. I had a job I liked, there were girls there, but usually married, and of course there is the old idiom about company ink. I had a few relationships after graduation, few and far between though. Now, to make everything worse, I am in a new state with nought for female connections. Not to say I haven't made friends, I have, they are fun, we go out, we do stuff, (as you know, I do like stuff), but most of them are in relationships, or married, and have no need to hang out with single women.
There is always the bar scene, but that's never really been my thing. I go to bars, I see girls, I talk to them, I even went out with a girl I met at a bar once. But she turned out to be too much of a princess. Don't get me wrong, I like a girl with a little princess in her (all girls deserve to be treated like princess every now and then), but she was also a Daddy's girl, and I've found they can be trouble. I'm sure nice girls go to bars, but I have no idea how to tell which ones they are. I hear good things about church, there are always cute girls at church. But that might be a little sacriligeous.
Where did all the women go, they were there during college, how did they drop off the face of the earth so quickly? Its not like I just sit around the house all day waiting for them to knock on my door (though that has happened once), I'm out, I'm about, but they are nowhere to be found. I'm doing all the things I'm told I should by those in relationships. I do the friendsters and the myspaces of the world and I meet people there, I even went out with a girl I met there, she was nice I guess, just not for me. I haven't succumbed to the's and e-harmony's out there, and never will. My roommate has suggested speed dating, but I don't think that is my thing either.
Maybe I'm too picky, maybe that's what comes from being a Childe of Divorce. Well, Here I go again on my own, going down the only road I've ever known, like a drifter I was born to walk alone, but I've made up my mind, I ain't wasting no more time.... sorry I drifted into song there for a moment, won't happen again.

I usually like to end things with some sort of resolution, a nice wrapping up of the event contained herein, but I am currently resolution-less, so I will leave you with a question, for all the cute single ladies out there, "Where are you hiding, What do you do for fun and Where do you like to meet guys?" (ok that was 3 questions, just deal)
I will leave you with another quote from a guy you don't know...

"You are an emotional dishrag, you've had more good women than you deserve!"
-Tyson "the Skipper" Hinds

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Here's to new beginnings and lame excuses

Ah, at last my literary genius has found a home. It's everything I've ever dreamed it could be. Ever since my idle typing in college I've searched the world over for a venue worthy of my mediocre prattling. Well get ready world, its time for some Tim!
I hope this can be an arena for me to share my thoughts, hopes and dreams with my friends and any idle strangers who mosey past. I hope to chronicle the minutiae of my everyday, run of the mill life, but spice it up (BAM) to make it sound more interesting than I ever thought it could be, and of course sprinkle it with a dash of bad grammar and ill-used punctuation.
Hopefully for the those interested viewers (I think that should be readers, but this is on a screen, so it's like viewing) you will see this page grow and change into something quite spectacular, or like so many other things in my life wither and die,... so uh... yeah... there's what you have to look forward to. Either way, its bound to be a fun expedition.

"If you concentrate on the destination, you will miss the adventure that is the journey"
- What I tell my dog when he pulls on the leash on walks

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