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Thursday, February 08, 2007

New Links!

I've updated my links to other blogs on the right over there with some blogs from my friends that I want to start reading more of.

If you are tired of me not posting regularly, you may enjoy reading theirs. As we have similar backgrounds, and they have had an influence on my life (and maybe I've had some influence on theirs) you may find some surprising similarities.

Miracle of a Rare Device - my friend Tony who is now in creative writing school, lots of short stories and thoughts on writing

Cathedral for Awhile - An amalgam of the efforts of a few of my friends. Videos, stories, poems, etc.

Unsquare Dance - Jeff James' site. A lot of pop culture references, techno-babble, and other random things. He's "following his fish", and if you you know what that means, you are two steps ahead of me


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