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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Update on My Goings On!

Well, its been so long since I posted something, I was afraid I'd lost my log-in. After remembering that, I'm now afraid I've forgotten how to write. But since fear never gets you anywhere, I must press on.

The new job is going great. I'm really liking working for a small company as opposed to a large multi-national gig, as it is a lot more personal and flexible.

I started this blog mainly as a diversion from my old job, well, that and to pick up chicks. Now that I have a job I'm happy with (and that keeps me busy), and a girlfriend who won't let me pick up chicks, I don't have the time at work to devote to this as I once did.

Now don't go and start thinking that I've given up on writing on here, or that I'll only post every six months. But I definitely don't have the free time at work that I used to, so I'll just have to find some of my own time to do it in. Maybe if one of you wanted to buy me a new laptop for Christmas (click here for details) I would be able to roam around my house and yard, utilizing our wireless network at home at be more prone to post. Maybe you could chip in with some friends.

It's up to you, the reader, to support the art you enjoy partaking of. Right now I'm contemplating a new header for the top of the page, so stay tuned for further developments on that.

Other than that, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I hope your new year is merry and bright, and all that jazz.

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