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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Back from Self-imposed Exile

Well, its been awhile, but I finally feel it might be time to hop back in the saddle. There has been a lot going on in my life lately. From "living in sin," to family visits, to the unending stream of friends that have to visit us now, I've barely had time to have a thought to myself. It seems like every time I start to stare out the window pensively, I am quickly asked, "Whatcha thinking 'bout?" and my train of thought is lost.

As the end of America's Got Talent looms ahead this evening, I meet it with a certain sense of regret and excitement. Regret that something that allows a rapping Granny to get to the finals has so intrigued me, and excitement about the soon arriving fall season.

Lost, of course, is the show I'm most excited about, but there are a few new shows on the plate that have me salivating.

Heroes is the show I think I have been waiting for all my life! Every since I read my first X-men comic when I was little, I couldn't wait to hit puberty so my mutant powers would show up. Would it be the ability to fly, shoot laser beams out of my eyes, or cover my body with fire? I didn't know, but I was damned excited to find out.

Unfortunately, the mutant powers ship has sailed for me, as I am long past the age of where they would've surfaced. (though I'm still holding out for Immortality, but that's just a waiting game)

I also recently confessed to my girlfriend that when I have kids someday, I'm going to be sorely disappointed if they aren't unbreakable. Don't get me wrong, I'll love my kids no matter what they do, but deep down inside, it won't be until one morning at breakfast that one of them passes the syrup to the other using their mind that I'll be truly elated.

I'll love them even if they look like Nightcrawler. I mean, think of what we'd save on gas!
(FYI Nightcrawler can teleport anywhere in the world instantaneously)

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