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Friday, May 26, 2006

From the Lone Star State

I'll have to say, there will always be a soft spot in my heart for Austin, TX. While landing at the airport I was reminded by the scenery flying past of its green rivers snaking through the hill country. I'll have to say, I miss it, but not enough yet to move back. I'm certainly enjoying the Bay Area. I always say I miss the heat from Texas, but then I'm back for about 20 minutes, and already I'm sweating... in a car... with the A/C on high.

Last night I met up with a bunch of old friends for drinks. It is always interesting to see where life has taken everyone. Everyone is more often married than not now, (or atleast living with their sig-other), working in great jobs, they've all quit smoking, and are living all over the place, from Oregon to New York. I've got some other friends that my be leaving soon as well. But no matter where we go, Austin is always the hub that brings us back together. It only takes 10 minutes of drinking warm beer in the sweltering heat (and that was at like 11:00 at night! Atleast 85 degrees at 11:00pm! How did I ever live like this) to feel like I'm back in college again, and half of us are drinking on fake ID's, everyone is smoking, and no one knows how we are getting back to Georgetown.

Well, that's the end to my stroll down nostalgia avenue, I think I might go hit the pool while nursing this hangover. It's a shame to let all the heat go to waste.

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