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Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday Morning Redux

So a weekend or so ago while checking my e-mail in an airport, I received a notification e-mail of a comment. At the time, there was not enough time to reply and I had almost forgotten about it. I went back and replied to her comment in which she called me wrong (me? wrong? never!). I replied back to her(or his) comment but feel it may never be read. As the poster did not feel the need to identify themselves, so we could both engage in a rousing discourse, I decided to post her comments and my reply as a post here. The original post was titled "Happy Chrismahaunzakwanikah" .

As you know, I rarely get into what my religious beliefs are, (as I feel that is a personal thing between me and whomever I happen to believe in) but if you ever really wanted to know, this is as close as I'll probably get to explaining it.

Original Comment:
"Your blog is incorrect. We awful hateful screaming stupid hypocritic Christians actually do have people telling us that we cannot say "Christmas" that we cannot let our children write out the word, and that we cannot post it in public places - not everywhere but enough to make us mad.. I apologize for the bad influences you have had in the past - people with NO self-sacrificing love at all, no real kindness, or charity, nor any real wisdom or knowledge, that claimed to be Christians. That, in my opinion is worse than taking Christ out of Christmas - -- taking Christ out of "Christian." It is the fulfillment of the scripture that says that in the end days (these very days) people will be lovers of themselves, instead of God, and will have a form of "godliness" that is completely powerless. " -Anonymous

My Reply:
"I apologize for you what you feel was a(nother) personal attack upon your beliefs. I don't recall using the phrases "stupid" "screaming" or "hypocritic" in what I posted. If you were referring to anyone who left comments, that is between you and them.

I was simply trying to point out the many many many liberties that Christians have (and take for granted) in our society that other religions lack. In fact, I would say that America is the most tolerant of all the forms of Christianity than any other nation in the world ever has been. That was, in fact, why some of the first settlers came to this country, so they could follow their visions of Christ as opposed to the Church of England's.

As for this being "the end times" well, Revelations has never been the easiest book to comprehend. In fact, when first written it was believed that the end times were happening then. There are always the fatalistic among us that believe the world can get no worse than it is now, yet somehow, humanity always finds a way to prove them wrong.

My only wish is that those who call themselves Christians would forget about Heaven and Hell, forget about the apocalypse, forget about everything else that they hold onto except for the love of Jesus, and the love that he had for all of us. If we could all focus on loving one another as Jesus loved us, (you know what, I don't even care if you believe in Jesus, as long as you can love others like he did) then maybe we would no longer have to look forward to a Heaven that we don't understand, but could begin to make this world a place that would rival Heaven (but not in a sacrilegious sort of way)!"

Today is Good Friday by the way...

...and have a good Easter!

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