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Friday, March 17, 2006

It's about damn time!

So, much to my chagrin, it has been about 2 weeks now, since I've updated my adoring fans on the absolutely wonderfulness of my life... ...and for that, I am humbly sorry.

So many things have been going on that I barely know where to start.

My friend Charles and his brother came out from Texas recently to visit Cali. I always enjoy when visitors come, because I get to go out and do all the touristy stuff. We walked over half of the city, taking the trolley, climbing up to Coit Tower, and generally doing touristy type things. A good time was had by all.

Immediately following that, danielle and I went with some friends up to Mendocino county for some camping. It was absolutely incredible. I've never been along the coast out here before, and I was blown away! The cliffs, the seemingly endless ocean, the rain and fog. It was just great.

I'm a fan of pointing at things

I was constantly reminded of The Goonies, and kept looking for the giant rock that would lead me to the treasure of One-eyed Willie. (oh, hee hee, I just got that)

It's such an interesting dichotomy as you drive along the coast, one minute, it will be rocky coastline, the next you are deep within the redwoods.

We did a lot of wine tasting on the way up, and experienced all four seasons at the same time as we drove through the mountains. First it was sunny and nice, then it was raining, then it was snowing, then it was snowing while sunny, all within about 30 minutes and 10 miles. But, despite the weather, we managed to make a good start on our first wine cellar, with six nice bottles of wine.

Oh, and did I mention the driftwood. In Texas there is rarely any driftwood on the beach, but here it was everywhere. I've never seen smoother rounder wood chunks that I did out here. If I had been a hippie living on the coast in the sixties, I totally would have been a driftwood sculptor. For more pictures of the trip, click here.

Things have now settled back into their normal routine of TiVo and quiet nights at home, and that is just fine by me!

On a sad note, at the building I work at, we have a large reflecting pond out front. Every year we have a couple of ducks that come and stay for a few weeks, as they have for the past few. Its a green headed mallard and his mate. I assume they were blown off course a few years ago, and enjoyed the stop off so much, they have made it a part of their regular migration.

I like to think that they used it as a time to get away from the rest of the flock to reflect on their relationship and get back to what it was that attracted them to each other in the first place (probably his shiny green head and her tail feathers). Kind of like their little oasis away from it all.

Not our ducks, but very similar

Today though, it appears that they have moved on along their northernly route, soon to reach their destination and lay a fat batch of eggs. I wish them luck, but they will be missed.

As other grown professionals walked into the building this morning, they all cast a forlorn look at the pool, wondering where the ducks have gone to, and when they'll be back.

To end on a happy note, today is Danielle's and I one-year anniversary. Hopefully we will get a chance to get away from it all, just like the ducks!

Don't we just make you wanna vomit!

Happy St. Patrick's day!

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