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Friday, April 21, 2006

Another Friday Update...

"Have you forgotten about your blog, Tim?"

"Hey Tim, why haven't you posted anything in awhile?"

"Tim? Are you there, it's me your reader!"

These are the types of e-mails I would be getting if anyone actually read this thing. But despite a lack of readers begging for more, I come to you once again with a tale of woe and fury...

Ok, I've got nothing, which is probably why I haven't posted in awhile. But I'll go ahead and update you on the humdrum that is, satisfactorily, my life.

First off, d and I have begun our first, of what will hopefully be many, collaboration project. There is a link over there under my links column (to the right) titled "Our House". Since we are moving soon, we have decided to have a site that chronicles the story of us in the house, and other house related items. Some of you may ask, "Why would we care?" Well, I don' t really know, you've read this far haven't you?

But the main reason for my absence is that I have been reading a great series of books, that other nerds out there may enjoy (cough..Ash..cough). It's called "The Farseer Trilogy", which is then followed up by the conclusive "Tawny Man Trilogy". (There is also a "Liveship Trader's" series in the middle, but I skipped those this time) They are both interesting in their own way, but most of you mainstreamers out there probably wouldn't enjoy it.

Unfortunately, when I get into a series like this that I like, I tend to dive in wholeheartedly, ignoring almost all else (just ask my girlfriend). So over the past 3 weeks I devoured these 6 books like a starving man at a banquet. Unfortunately, it is you the reader that has suffered.

Danielle, doesn't understand how I can read so fervently, especially when it is a series I have already read... ...twice. Maybe it's because I wasn't popular as a kid, maybe I lacked an outlet for my otherwise unbridled creativity, maybe I'm just a geek. But whatever the reason, I have always approached books as if I'm entering another world, a world full of characters like old friends. A world full of dragons and magic! A place where a simple guy like me can change the fate of the entire universe.

Some might say I have delusions of grandeur, some might say I'm mad, but who cares what others think (except high school kids). Books are my little escape from reality.

It could be worse... ... I could've taken up heavy drinking instead.

"The things I want to know are in books; my best friend is the man who'll get me a book I ain't read." -Abraham Lincoln (apparently his greatest enemy was anyone who taught grammar)

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday Morning Redux

So a weekend or so ago while checking my e-mail in an airport, I received a notification e-mail of a comment. At the time, there was not enough time to reply and I had almost forgotten about it. I went back and replied to her comment in which she called me wrong (me? wrong? never!). I replied back to her(or his) comment but feel it may never be read. As the poster did not feel the need to identify themselves, so we could both engage in a rousing discourse, I decided to post her comments and my reply as a post here. The original post was titled "Happy Chrismahaunzakwanikah" .

As you know, I rarely get into what my religious beliefs are, (as I feel that is a personal thing between me and whomever I happen to believe in) but if you ever really wanted to know, this is as close as I'll probably get to explaining it.

Original Comment:
"Your blog is incorrect. We awful hateful screaming stupid hypocritic Christians actually do have people telling us that we cannot say "Christmas" that we cannot let our children write out the word, and that we cannot post it in public places - not everywhere but enough to make us mad.. I apologize for the bad influences you have had in the past - people with NO self-sacrificing love at all, no real kindness, or charity, nor any real wisdom or knowledge, that claimed to be Christians. That, in my opinion is worse than taking Christ out of Christmas - -- taking Christ out of "Christian." It is the fulfillment of the scripture that says that in the end days (these very days) people will be lovers of themselves, instead of God, and will have a form of "godliness" that is completely powerless. " -Anonymous

My Reply:
"I apologize for you what you feel was a(nother) personal attack upon your beliefs. I don't recall using the phrases "stupid" "screaming" or "hypocritic" in what I posted. If you were referring to anyone who left comments, that is between you and them.

I was simply trying to point out the many many many liberties that Christians have (and take for granted) in our society that other religions lack. In fact, I would say that America is the most tolerant of all the forms of Christianity than any other nation in the world ever has been. That was, in fact, why some of the first settlers came to this country, so they could follow their visions of Christ as opposed to the Church of England's.

As for this being "the end times" well, Revelations has never been the easiest book to comprehend. In fact, when first written it was believed that the end times were happening then. There are always the fatalistic among us that believe the world can get no worse than it is now, yet somehow, humanity always finds a way to prove them wrong.

My only wish is that those who call themselves Christians would forget about Heaven and Hell, forget about the apocalypse, forget about everything else that they hold onto except for the love of Jesus, and the love that he had for all of us. If we could all focus on loving one another as Jesus loved us, (you know what, I don't even care if you believe in Jesus, as long as you can love others like he did) then maybe we would no longer have to look forward to a Heaven that we don't understand, but could begin to make this world a place that would rival Heaven (but not in a sacrilegious sort of way)!"

Today is Good Friday by the way...

...and have a good Easter!

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Moving On Up...

So it is somewhat official. Some of the paper work has been filled out, and some of the obligations that need to be met are possibly in the process of meeting (or something).

I am moving into a new home... right across the street from where I live now.

I'm pretty excited about it! Eventhough the backyard is like 800 times smaller (not an exageration) the house is a lot nicer... I think.

The thing is, we haven't even been inside it yet. The lady who currently lives there has not moved out, and won't let us come inside to look at it. So we've been staring through the windows and over the fence into the backyard, and I think we've got a pretty good idea of what it looks like...

Of course, if you noticed above, I mentioned "we". That's right, I'm making the biggest mistake a guy with a girlfriend and two mistresses could make... I'm moving in with my girlfriend. (Sorry Sasha and Amberline)

So I'm moving into a house that I haven't really seen yet, with my girlfriend of about a year. "Tim has finally lost his mind," you are probably all thinking, and I'm sorry to say I lost it a long time ago!

Of course the really exciting part is that we'll only have one dog and three cats in the house. A welcome relief from the 3 (large) dogs and 2 cats I live with now. I don't know, there's just something about pet hair on EVERYTHING! that I just can't live without.

So if I'm a little distant over the next month or so, you'll just have to forgive me. I have a lot going on.

So I was able to go and look at the house today as the lady was moving out (be careful with that Meth lab, she was yelling). She let me in and wander around, and it was bigger than I thought. I don't have any pictures yet, as I felt that would be rude, but I did manage to throw together a lousy little blueprint, which you can see below:

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Country Roads, take me the hell out of here!

So I have returned from my holiday in Texas, a day late and a dollar short! The day late was due to American Airlines, the dollar short is due to me paying way too much for a chopped beef sandwich at the Salt Lick stand in the airport.

There were many fun and exciting things that happened, some of which I will only mention in passing (I saw one of her boobs) , others I may expand upon later (like the wake I went to for a dearly departed chicken named Dusty Bottoms, which I need pictures of if anyone has any).

But what I wanted to talk about today is what a judgemental prick I can be. As mentioned above, my flight back home was delayed, thus causing me to find a place to hunker down for the evening.

I called my oldest and dearest blog buddy Beau, and he grudgingly agreed to house me for the evening, and even to get up at the ass crack of dawn to take me to the airport. For this I am ever grateful.

My gracious host

Beau lives with a few other friends from college in a nice house in north Austin. As we pulled up I looked at this sizeable home (compared to what I live in out here) and thought how nice it must be live in house that size. I'd like to stop here and make a disclaimer. I love these guys, I really do, they have always been great friends, and I am glad they were able to assist this wayward traveler.

That being said, let me continue. As I walked in I was immediately reminded of two things. First, I was reminded of how I lived in college, and two, I was reminded of why I needed to get out of Texas.

This house was disgusting (love you guys), I mean absolutely horrid! There were bottles and cans and stale food laying all over the place, not just food from lunch, but food from the party they had when they moved in a year ago. The sink was full of dishes, pictures askew on the wall, lawn unmowed, the carpet had never seen a vaccuum, I was appalled. I was probably more upset that I have 800 sq ft, and keep that pretty clean for having 3 dogs and 2 cats, and here they have probably 2500 and no pets and couldn't keep it up. I had forgotten what it was like to live like a fraternity guy, but was quickly reminded. I'll admit, I'm not the cleanest person in the world, and my room is often cluttered, but I have gotten good about keeping the common areas clean.

But even though I was afraid to sit on the couch, I was comfortable around my friends (though probably won't be after this) and enjoyed "just hanging out" like I haven't done in a long time.

That night as I settled onto the couch to sleep, I heard the sounds of a guitar wafting down from upstairs. One of these wayward hippies was playing the guitar, and playing it damn well. It was a nice montage of songs we all know, Norwegian Wood, by the Beatles stuck out the most, but there were many. That's when I realized what an ass I am. These guys went out of their way to help out a stranded traveler, and there I go making horrid claims about their lifestyle.

I stopped to think about the guys that lived in this house, a college student musician, a high school theater teacher, a budding filmmaker and excellent air guitar player, and a another musician with a band. All damn hippies.

As I looked around at the squalor I was nesting in, I made a realization. These are all creative guys. Creativity blooms amidst chaos, not order. Maybe it was the environment that caused their creativity to flourish. Maybe if their floors were clean and dishes in the cabinet, their personal muses would all die a little inside. (their neighbors would be happier, but their muses dead, you decide)

I remembered the note posted on the wall in the bathroom, apologizing for accidently knocking someone else's toothbrush into an previously unflushed toilet, but graciously offering up his own toothbrush until he could replace the tainted one. It reminded me of the true graciousness and friendship that we all shared in college, and still do to this day. It reminded me to look beyond the unflushed toilets of the world and see the true beauty of people for who they are on the inside.

In a clean house, there is no room for robots! There is no room for a Pac-Man arcade machine. There is no room for outside the box thinking. I then realized, that even though I had made different life decisions, that didn't mean those decisions were right for everyone.

Robut says "Clean, BAAAD!"

I also realized that deep down inside, I am still the slob I was in college, just now, I am a closet slob. (literally, my closet is filthly!) I have always viewed my room as my sanctuary and that is probably the reason it is always the most disorganized place in my life. But perhaps if I started strewing that crap out into the living the room, my muse would perk up and I would be able to post more often.

So to my many messy friends out there (if I have any left), I say throw another beer can on the living room floor for me! HUZZAH!

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