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Monday, March 27, 2006

It IS Springtime...

Maybe because its been an issue in the past with others, or maybe because I know he can be almost as difficult as I am, but it means so much more to me when my girlfriend says she loves my dog than when she says she loves me.

He does try and make out with her on occasion, and she tells me he spoons better than I do, but I'm not worried, we come as a pair. (and he still barks at her when she makes fun of me, so it's good to know he always has my back)

So all you out there dating people with dogs, remember, hating their dog is like hating their children... its just not done.

The rapscallion in question...

Speaking of dogs, my friend Tucker (Tommy T, if you're nasty) and his girlfriend Betsy came to visit this weekend and they brought their little bundle of joy with them.

Pollard (named after the Guided by Voices, whiskey swilling, 8 hour long concert having, drunken rambling, Pollard) is a few months old and a joy to behold. He is a mix of a dachsund, Boston terrier, and Pomeranian, but he looks a lot like a Jack Russell. He had a lot of fun with us on our tour of Napa/Sonoma, but was very disappointed he didn't get to try the wines. He's just a little guy, but he has a lot of spirit.

They are now off to tour Hwy 1 on their way back to Oregon, but my tour of Sigma's is not over yet, I will be in Austin next weekend for our annual meet and greet at the house, so I hope to see as many of you as possible there!

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