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Friday, March 24, 2006


...I have to hear the phrase "living document" one more time, I am going to have to punch someone in armpit. (it really hurts getting hit there, you should try on a friend, loved one, or little brother)

Other things from the office amuse me from time to time...

Often while overhearing parts of a conversation, things can be funny. There is a lady who sits near me that I often overhear and these are a couple of the good ones:

"Oh no, don't go down me!"

"I'm sure we've all had our share of boners in the past."

It is so hard not to laugh when I hear things like this.

Then my girlfriend e-mail's me this:

"I just put a baby in a well and found a meatball sub...."

(extra points for who can tell me what she is talking about)

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