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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Back In the Saddle Again!

Just thought I would update anyone who cares...

I've heard from my insurance company and they will be sending me a check shortly. I'm getting back a good bit more than I expected and will soon be on the market for something new (well, new to me anyway).

Danielle has insisted that I drive again, and soon, afraid that I will never want to drive again. I will admit, I've been rather hesitant in the car and have not been on the freeway again yet. I'm not the bold, willing to take risks, driver that I used to be. It could be that driving Danielle's Forerunner is completely different from driving my Honda, and that's why I'm not the same driver. But it's probably just the constant flashbacks I am having to spinning around on the freeway and hitting the wall.

But, I've got to be positive (its in my contract) so on the bright side, I do get to start shopping for a new car and will hopefully have some pictures to post in the next few weeks. I'm leaning towards a hybrid, since gas will soon be $80 a gallon, but am open to suggestions.

Hope you all had a Happy Cinco De Mayo, now don't be so hungover that you forget to mail those Mother's Day cards!

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