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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm all Shook Up!

So its been quite a hectic and crazy weekend.

On Friday night, while out having drinks with some friends, I got a strange text message. I immediately followed up with a phone call (to the wrong person, waking him up) and then corrected it with a call to the right person. It seems one of my good friends from college was arrested on murder charges for killing the mother of another one of our friends. The murder occurred in 1997, right after I met him, and before I was roommates with him. I probably saw him that week that it happened.

It's very weird. I don't know many details from the case, or what is happening right now with my friend. This is a guy I hung out with all the time, I was roommates with for a summer, I made out with his ex-girlfriend and he has been out to visit me twice. I don't know what to think, what to do. We are all a little shocked and confused.

Speaking of shock, I was also in a car accident on Monday afternoon. As I was changing lanes, I must have hit something in the road that cut open my tire, or I had a blowout. I lost control of my car, went perpendicular to traffic across three lanes to run almost head on into the concrete barrier on the side of the road. I am ok, though a little banged up, bruised and shaken, but my car is not. It was declared totaled and has since been taken off to the junkyard. I'm very lucky to be not hurt, I'm very glad for airbags, and I'm happy that Honda uses front impact crumple zones (or something).

As you can see below, the damage was quite severe:

This is before I was towed and still on the freeway.

This is once it was towed to my driveway and the picture is a little easier to see.

This is the offending tire. If you look closely you can see the flaps from where something cut it open.

So you see, I haven't forgotten about updating, I was just waiting for something truly exciting to post about. Like I said, the good thing is that I am alive and unharmed. The whole accident was very frightening. Everything happened very fast, and there was very little time to do anything. I remember trying to regain control of the car, I remember when I passed right in the front of another car, and I remember seeing the wall approaching in front of me. At that moment I remember thinking two things, I was worrying about where I was going to find the money to buy a new car since I was in the process of wrecking this one, and I was pissed that I had just filled my tank up with gas the day before. But the next thing I know is that my car was on the shoulder and full of smoke and there was an airbag in my face.

I immediately staggered from the car, not knowing if it would catch fire or what. I was very freaked out. At first, I didn't know if I had hit someone, if someone had hit me. I expected there to be much more of a scene. But traffic was moving on past me like nothing had happened.

I'm always coming up with weird theories on life. One of the ones I really like, (but don't necessarily believe) is that we all live a long life and die of old age, but when we are faced with a near death experience we die in one reality, but our consciousness is spurned into another. For instance, you are walking across a crosswalk and turn to see a car coming right for you. Next thing you know, the car has barely brushed by you or clipped you and left you hurt but alive. You don't know really how it happened, but are glad to be alive.

Let's say that the car actually hit you and you were killed instantly, but your life was spurned off into an alternate reality where you lived and were ok. So off in another reality somewhere, you are dead, and the people in that reality have to cope with your death, but you now exist in a different reality where you continue to go on and those around you still get to enjoy you.

If that's the case, then there is definitely another reality where the car accident was more intense, my girlfriend is distraught over me and my family members are at a loss. Luckily, that is not a reality that has to be dealt with right now (by me anyway, sorry to all those in that other reality for putting you through that).

Hopefully, this is the end of any more trauma in my life right now. Hopefully the shock of all this will wear off soon. Hopefully the upcoming move will go well, and I will be less sore than I am now. Hopefully I'll be able to find a new car that is both affordable and gas friendly. Hopefully I'll get my new frames from the eye doctor within the next week. That is where I was coming from when this all happened.

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