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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bigger than Jesus!

So, every now and then I wish I had a much larger fanbase for this site, like Jesus-size fanbase. Sometimes its because I don't want to have to go into a job I hate everyday and would be much happier if I could just make a post, then go to the beach while watching the money from my ads pour in.

But the main reason I wish I had more readers is because of my friends. I have lots and lots of smart, intelligent, and creative friends. Many of their blogs I link to over there on the right under Links. Other's have their creativity offline. It's for these people that I wish I had more readers. That I had more people to tell about the wonderousness that is my friends.

Kevin Jones is one of those. I have known Kevin since we were freshmen together as Southwestern. We took an Intro to Acting class that year, and like the others majoring in Theatre, he hated me for only being a minor. This hate between Kevin and I existed for a long time until I realized that it's not Kevin, he hates everyone, and that small amount of tolerance he shows me, is just his way of saying he cares. Over the years Kevin has relaxed and become a very funny guy with a great talent for writing.

He wrote a hit play, what did you ever do?

He has written a compilation called "Six Plays by Kevin Jones" which can be found on his website here.

The reason I'm posting this now is that at long last, the book release party is about to occur. It happens on June 3rd, in Austin, Texas at the George Washington Carver (he invented the peanut) Museum. It happens at 7:30 pm and admission is $5.00. I know that sounds like a lot, but you get refreshments!

At this party there will be live music, and also a production of two of Kevin Jones' plays.

I know, some of you are thinking its not going to be that exciting, but come on! You are in Austin, Texas! How often do you get to attend book release/first time productions/live music in Austin. Like never!

Plus, you get the chance to feel very fancy. When people ask where you are going, you can sound very haughty and say, "Oh, one of my friends is having his book release party!" like it happens all the time.

Hey guys, what better way to get a first date than by inviting that crush of yours to an exclusive book release party? Nothing gets a girl to drop her pants like a new play. Just ask Kevin Jones!

So to recap:
"Six Plays by Kevin Jones" Book release party
Saturday, June 3rd
George Washington "invented the peanut" Carver Museum
1165 Angelina St
7:30 pm
$5 admission
FREE FRICKIN REFRESHMENTS! (bring your own flask)

So get out there and support local talent!

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