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Sunday, December 31, 2006


Over the holidays, I had my first chance to take a look at the new Nintendo Wii. I had enjoyed all the prior consoles, from the original NES up through the N64, but did not have a lot of contact with the Gamecube, and never heard good things.

Well Nintendo is back and the Wii is incredible! I was worried that the controls would be complicated, or unresponsive. But after 5 minutes of playing the new Zelda, they controls felt like an extension of my body. Its a very interactive experience. Using the remote to jab and slash as well as to aim for projectile weapons, really makes the gameplay more immersive and

I also got to play Wii Sports for a little while as well. My first game of tennis was just like being on the court. Your character will make it to the ball, so all you have to do is swing. Serving is just like in real life, allowing you to mimic the actual action of serving the ball.

There is also a bowling, boxing and baseball game inlcuded with the system. The boxing one was quite exhausting, Danielle is still sore, and the bowling game involves quite a bit of finesse.

The motion controls in the remotes are amazing, they respond accurately to movements you make and there is virtually no lag time. It seems like the Wii has finally accomplished everything the original Nintendo tried to do with all its crazy accessories for the NES in one small and compact remote. It acts a as a lightgun for shooting games, a PowerGlove for moving the cursor around the screen, and a running pad for sports games.

On most games I played, even though you can use small movements with the remote while sitting just as effectively, it is much more fun to stand and move about.

Although my actual play time on the maching was fairly limited, I had to compete with my girlfirend's 3 siblings for one controller, I am totally hooked on the Wii.

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