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Monday, December 06, 2004

View from the Mountain Top

Ahh, first ski trip of the year completed. It was good to get out and stretch my legs after a long summer of dormancy. I love everything about skiing, the crisp mountain air, the pristine snow, the smell of pine, and most of all, the effect the altitude has on alcohol drinking.
Personally I feel I did quite well, I fell a couple times, but that was early in the day. I landed a couple of jumps that I attempted and even did a couple of challenging runs to make sure I was living life on the edge.
I do need to work on waking up on time. My friends get a little cranky when they've woken up at 5 to get to my house on time and I'm still sleeping at 6:15. The only reason they didn't leave me was thanks to the wonders of a coffee machine with a timer, so coffee was ready even though I wasn't.
After two long car rides and a tiring day on the slopes, you learn some unusual things about your friends. That they know the lyrics to "Cry Me a River" is the least disturbing of them.
All pictures have been destroyed to protect the innocent.

"I mean, who has ever captivated a group of people with a story about, 'This one time I was at my apartment, in my pajamas and watching E! True Hollywood Story. . . ?' "
-Kelly T

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