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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What a world.. What a world!

Imagine little Johnny, he's a very hyperactive child. From a young age he is taking medication for ADHD. This allows him to study hard and go to a good college, where he meets Susie. He finds her a very bright, vibrant, and happy person and falls in love. Susie is all these things because her parents have had her on Prozac ever since Jr. High when she told them she had suicidal thoughts.

Johnny (John, now) and Susie have a wonderful wedding. Her dad, the lifetime alcoholic, is drunk, her mom pretends not to notice. His mom is sneaking out behind the kitchen for a cigarette every 20 minutes, his dad is oblivious.

They decide they are ready for kids. John is stressed out from work, too busy to eat right or exercise and is discouraged by Susie's lack of sex drive from being on Prozac and so he's unable to perform so he starts using Viagra to give himself a boost, but that still doesn't solve the problem, so Susie begins taking drugs for fertility treatments.

They eventually have a wonderful son, Johnny Jr. who they will always cherish. When he experiments with Marijuana in college, they get upset with him and don't understand where he learned that using drugs is ok.

Today's Irony brought to you by the Letter T and the Number 3.

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