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Saturday, March 12, 2005

We finally beat those Capitalist pigs, eh Comrades?!

So (just to start things off right) today I have finally achieved musical and technological perfection. That is right, today was the day I became the proud owner of an iPod!

After much debate, research, arguments, crying, and consulting the Elders, I decided not to go with the Mini (not that there's anything wrong with that) and go with its bigger uncle, the 20gb version. I now have the capacity to hold 10,000,000 songs in a package the size of a deck of cards. (ok fine, so its only 5,000 or so)

Every time I've taken my dog on a walk downtown lately, I've passed by one of the 250 Apple stores in the continental US. I'm not sure if it is its sleek lines, propitious white space, large apple, or prevalence of fancy "gear", but I've longed to make a purchase from there. I'm attracted to it like a moth to a flame... or a nerd to technology, i guess...

After drooling all day on my keyboard while viewing the Apple Site (, I hastily packed up all my CD's (to upload tonite) and sped down to the holy of holies (technologically speaking anyway). I found it quite a good sign that I found an open spot right in front of the store (hell, an open spot anywhere in downtown Walnut Creek is worthy of its own blog) and was quickly inside reveling in the majestic glory of many, many floor models. I was soon approached by what I swear was a 14 year old kid, whom I was sure was ready to either laugh at my tech prowess, or give "grandpa" directions to the record store.

He was apparently an employee (or a very helpful street tough) and asked to be of assistance. Just like a boy proudly announcing his intentions to marry their daughter to a girls parents, I announced that "I'm looking to get an iPod." As a good sales rep (or weird street tough) he immediately went into his sales spiel, asking, "What are you going to use it for (old man)?" I determinedly told him I was looking at the 20gb and he knew he'd met a man who he wasn't going to be able to upsell. He determinedly tried anyway, and offered to show me cases for it. I felt bad for him and decided to give them a gander, but quickly told him I would pick one up later. He then proceeded to ring me up, being sure to verify my ID, (again, very unusual behavior for a street tough) and bagged it up and I was happily on my way! (with one of the coolest plastic bags ever, its like a backpack for nerds)

You may think the story's over but its ready to begin (thank you Beastie Boys, Paul Revere). I arrived home and begin the unwrapping process. I'm not usually excited by boxes (I leave that to the cat) but this was awesome. Its in a small black box with an apple on top that opens up like a giant ring box! I could have been having flashbacks, but I swear as the box opened a bright light shone out and a choir of angels sang their joy! Any girl who would not be more impressed with that, than a wedding ring, is not the girl for me!

Things have calmed down immensely since then, I am now in the process of uploading my current CD collection onto it, which is taking longer than I thought, but is well worth the effort. I strongly believe that this will herald in the renaissance of my music... enjoying....

"I listen to my words, but they fall far below, I let my music take me where my heart wants to go!" -Cat Stevens, The Wind

On a post script note, I hate trying to link websites into my blogs! My friend has sent me the way to do it and I have copy and pasted from it, I have typed it all anew, I have cursed, I have thrown things, I have spent atleast an hour continually re-typing it as it should be done and reposting and the shit still does not work. That's it, I've fucking had it! (sorry for the cursing, as you know, I usually try to keep this "family friendly" but this has me so fucking pissed off I want to scream!)

On post post script note, if any one other than Jay wants to offer suggestions on how its done, I will welcome it.

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