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Monday, March 07, 2005

Tales of the Coccyx...

While laying face down in the snow this weekend, with my feet firmly attached to a board, I made some startling self-discoveries...

Recently, I've been trying to get out of my sedentary life style and take a more active in role in things. I've begun training for a 5 mile run in April, I've been walking the dog more, and this weekend I decided to give snoboarding a shot. My roommate is always giving me a hard time about laying around on the couch a lot, watching TV, so I'm trying to be more active. I've been steadily increasing my distance on my runs and was doing quite well, up to a point, boarding for my first time.

Now, I had a lot of fun this weekend, I got to hang out with some good friends, got to board at a great place, and drank a lot of good beer. I was doing really well in the morning, I was starting to put my weight on front foot, stand up straight, and could get down the entire bunny slope without falling. My last run down before lunch and I ate it big time, fell hard on my butt, smacked my head and nearly lost my sunglassess. My friends then decided to take me to the summit for lunch. Coming down the mountain after lunch should not have been as hard as I made it. It was a fairly simple green run, wide fairways and all that. It could have been the beer, it could have been that I had bruised my
coccyx earlier and everytime I fell on my butt I was ready to die, I'm not sure, but what would've been a 10 minute run on skis for me, turned out to be a 45 minute hell, but made of ice and snow. So sitting (delicately) in the lodge afterwards, beer in hand, shirt soaking wet, I came to the decision that activity is no longer for me.

I'm sticking to the things I enjoy that don't leave me feeling beat up the next day, like hiking, camping, walking the dog, and the occasional ultimate frisbee match (though I did fracture my collar bone in a game one time). You know, the low impact non-couch related activities. I've been trying to live other people's ideas of what makes them happy, only to discover I was happy how I was! Next time my roommate gives me that "my, you're a lazy bum" look, (she has lots of "looks") I'll just go watch TV in my room to avoid it... ...bed's much more comfortable anyway!

"Snowboarding is an acitivity that is very popular with people who do not feel that regular skiing is lethal enough." -Dave Barry

"Snowboarding is way gayer than me having sex with Morrisey." Tony Slater (quote from snowboarding page, )

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