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Friday, March 04, 2005

To Blog or Not to Blog

So having a roommate considerably older than me (ok, so she's just a year), I often get asked "What's the deal with blo-ggi-ng?" (she has a hard time using technologically explicit terms). I'll often mention, oh, "I just wrote about that in my blog" or "I was reading a friends blog" and she'll lower her book on some fantasy crap with dragons on the cover and give me a "My you're quite a nerd" look. And not the "My you're quite a nerd, get your scrawny ass over here and show me some of that nerd loving!" look (not that, that would be appropriate for roommates anyway). But she's got me to thinking... What is with all this blogging crap!
Why do I feel the need to type away my lunch hour with useless prattlings about quarters and local news? Why do any of you? Is it my need to feel the center of attention? Is it my hope that some publisher will stumble across my page and "discover" me? Is it my underlying desire to type a continuous stream of questions while providing no answers? Hell, if I know!

I do it because its fun. I do it because I like writing. I do it cause it allows me to enter this fantasy world where what I do for a living is this, all day. I sit in my office with large bay windows overlooking the Adriondaks/Lake Tahoe/Town Lake/The vast nothing that is Montana. Take your pick. I wake up around 9 or 10, shuffle around the house in my robe, make some coffee or tea, sit out on the porch in the early morning fog enjoying my one cigarette of the day. Head up to my office, taking time to reach down and scratch Bandit behind the ear. Write for four or five hours then spend the rest of the day hiking/swimming/running/throwing the ball for the dog/lounging around/playing with the kids I'll have someday/cooking dinner for when the wifey gets home from her "city" job/etc.
Whoa, sorry, I got in a little deep there.

I have recently decided I will no longer utter the phrase "...but what I really wanna do it write" for a few reasons.
a)everybody and their dog says that, and more than half of them shouldn't
Ok, so there was only one reason, but I feel its valid.... so suck it!

Seriously though, I think its because, even though I don't get paid for this, I do it just because I enjoy writing. This is an outlet for all my pent up creativity. This hopefully will help develop my talent, instead of having is slowly waste away. Because anything unused will begin to atrophy from lack of use.

So once again, here we are at the end, did we discover any universal truths? Did we answer my roommates questions? Did we count up all the question marks in this article? No!
But did we all learn a little bit more about ourselves?
I certainly hope not, if so seriously, seek help... even if it's just Dr. Phil.

"Someone once said they had a love affair with words, I have a love affair with his!"
-by far the best thing ever said about my writing... {cough, Texas, cough} ... maybe that, after all, is why I write... ...for my fans!

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