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Thursday, February 24, 2005

The "oldest profession"

So after watching Lost last night I picked up a book and began reading, but since I hate the environment, I left the TV on as background noise. (So suck it glaciers!) Well, as those of you who read your TV Guide studiously, you know what I was in for, for those of you who don't, well you just wait...

So Alias is on, nothing wrong with that show, plenty of Jennifer Garner for all to love, I'll admit, I do enjoy watching the show, but I didn't catch much of that episode except boobs, boobs, ass, boobs, someone getting branded with an eye symbol on their neck, boobs, ass-kicking boobs, and somebody getting shot. Then of course the show was over and Wife Swap came on (or was it trading spouses, whichever is the one on ABC) And for some reason this show appalled me. It wasn't the adults being totally out of control and ridiculous, it wasn't the lady who comes home from work and lays in bed all night ordering her family to bring her food and wine, it wasn't the other lady who has a husband that does no housework, can barely string a sentence toghether, yet is homeschooling her children (to be housewives I think). No, it was none of that that got my hackles raised, it was the children (won't someone please think of the children!) What is it like to be 5 years old and have your mommy replaced by another woman? (sure its only for two weeks, but when you've only been alive a short time, two weeks seems like forever). Not only is some stranger cooking and cleaning now, but they're also telling you how crappy your normal mother is. I mean, how healthy is that?

Of course, the real reason for this article is what I saw on the local news right after that. The big headlining story of the night, you ask? Was it on new bombing's in the middle east, or perhaps that God on Earth (ok fine, you can call him the Pope) is in the hospital again with the flu (speaking of, Cardinals, time to start posting on Monster for a new pope)? No, it was on something going on in downtown Oakland. The lead in line on the news as I heard it was "Get caught with a hooker in Oakland and you may find yourself shaved." Which needless to say, caught my attention. "Are they're finally shaving all those hooker-picking up pre-verts out there?" I thought to myself, "it's about time."

But as usual, I misheard. Apparently if you get caught with a hooker in O-town, you will find your face on a billboard telling all the world that you like girls to slap you in the face and call you Nancy. Apparently there is a 10 block area in the Oakland area, where "hooker-ing" is very bad, and they have not been able to stop it any other way. So now they hope to embarass the "john's". Of course, I don't know when they (they being the people in charge of rules) will realize that you never going to stamp out prostitution. There are just too many lonely freaky men out there who will always have an extra $20 for what they want. I'm not saying I agree with it, but hell, if its gonna go on anyways, why not legalize it, then tax the hell out of it. I would much rather have taxes from prostitution going towards making our schools better, than having funds that should be going to our schools, wasted putting people's faces on billboards. I mean, its called the "oldest profession" for a reason... its been around since man figured out what his wee-waw is for and woman figured out what she could get for her hoo-hoo. (sorry for being so graphic)

After all, if we can educate all our children properly, won't that eradicate prostitution? Imagine a world where all children can learn in a positive, stress free environment, with tools and educational materials not only to make it fun, but also worthwhile. Imagine teachers who can pay their bills, without working two jobs... and Imagine all these educated children, able to find jobs of their own one day, never having to be forced into a position of prostitution. I think we need to stop trying to change our adults, they are old and set in their ways. Lets instead try to show the children a better path.

Ok, that's random, I went from bitching about TV to changing the world, oh well, take it as you will!

"I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way, show them all the beauty they possess inside." Whitney Houston, Greatest Love of All (ok, at first I thought I was quoting this from "We are the World" then after googling for lyrics I found out it was Whitney instead. I do feel a little dirty quoting her here, but I was already committed... apologies in advance... -the management)

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