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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Love is...

...always having to say you're sorry! No, I kid, I kid. (You married guys know what I'm talking about though)

But in the spirit of the upcoming holiday I will devote the next few days to thinking up insightful creative ways to describe love... or I'll just borrow someone elses quotes... or both... or I'll get tired of the whole thing after a couple of days and forget about doing it.

But for today, now, this moment I have this to say.
We are all a little crazy. We all have issues of one kind or another (issues = problems, syndromes, idiosyncrasys, nervous ticks). But think of the old yahoo commericials. I remember the one where this guy has a monkey on his shoulder who keeps throwing nuts at his wife. She finally gets fed up and leaves, only to be replaced by a lady with a bird on her shoulder which catches all the nuts the monkey is throwing. Is there any better picture of love? If so I don't wanna know about it. ( I said I don't want to know!)
So ladies, go out there and find some guy whose proverbial monkey will throw food at your proverbial crow (ok, that sounds a little dirty, sorry).
I'll sum it all with a quote you can use later and put my name after....

"Love is finding someone whose issues compliment your own."

(ok, maybe I heard that somewhere, but if so I don't remember where, so its mine now. Its like when Paul woke up one morning humming the tune to Yesterday, and asked around for months trying to find out where he heard it from, once no one could tell him, he assumed he made it up in his sleep and kept it as his own, and created one of the best songs ever)

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