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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Meatloaf and Dr.Pepper

Remember somtime back in the 80's Meatloaf came out with a very cryptic song about how he would do anything for love, but he wouldn't do that. It has long been a mystery as to exactly what he wouldn't do. The music video provided no help in that area either. I don't recall it too clearly but I what I recall is him staggering around a gothic castle, possibly looking like Beast half the time (someone will have to refresh my memory on that). So the mystery still remained, what exactly wouldn't he do. All kinds of bizarre and kinky things flew through my mind, "What wouldn't he do?!?" I screamed from the rooftops. Then, in the late 90's a horrible horrible movie (which I swear I didn't see) came out called Spice W0rld. Well, Meatloaf played the role of their bus driver, and at one point they asked him to either clean the bus, or clean the "can" on the bus and he stated his oft quoted famous line of which this article is about. I thought to myself, finally the mystery is revealed, he won't clean busses for Spice Girls! But somehow that left me feeling hollow and empty inside. The answer didn't seem quite right to me. For years I've been adrift, no longer able to coherantly function in this world as the question rattled around in my head.

At last, Salvation has arrived in the form of television commercial. If you haven't seen it, it starts with a man bravely buying feminine hygiene products for his woman (while drinking a Dr. Pepper) then he is in the laundrymat with her and is courageously folding her frilly underwear (while drinking, perhaps the same, Dr. Pepper) Then he is doing Yoga with her (Dr. Pepper still present). All the while Meatloaf's classic is playing in the background. And then, just as the song is about to climax from it's slow part to its fast paced part, (i know you can see this coming) she reaches for his Dr. Pepper. Well, he's had it, he won't do that for love, and he takes off into the streets running from her (of course it seems that a simple "no" would've worked). Finally this song makes sense to me, it finally clicks in my head. Growing up, Dr. Pepper was the only soda my mom would drink, so any that were in the fridge were strictly off limits to us kids. I know all too well the sacricity of Dr. Pepper. So of course, Meatloaf will give her anything she wants, except his Dr. Pepper.
As a side note, has a 12 minute live version video of that song (not the MTV video unfortunately) that you can find here:
It will make you question once again why Meatloaf was ever famous at all.

"Oh, I would do anything for love, But I won't do that.."
-uh, Meatloaf

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