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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I'm getting tired of all my excuses...

I mean, I'm really getting fed up. When someone asks me what I really want to do, I always say that I want to be a writer. What no one ever asks me is, "Well, why aren't you?" I don't have to be published to be a writer, not one other person every has to read my works at all. I never said I wanted to be a successful writer, only a writer.
I always find good reasons why I can't, "because I already have a job" "I don't have anything good to write" "I'm not ready yet" but if I keep waiting I'll never start. There have been numerous times when I'll set goals for myself, then never follow through with. I even had a girlfriend once who like to write but was not a good self starter like me, and I tried to set us a deadline to have a short story done to trade with each other, so we'd both have an accountability partner to keep us writing, she out and out refused (I think she was scared mine would be better). But this is all neither her nor there and once again I am easily distracted!
I recently read an article on about this author Ron McLarty who has been writing for atleast 40 years and has never had anything published until now. (Its a good article you can find it here ) [if someone can teach me how to do that "neat"er I would appreciate it] There is no reason I can't be that almost failed author!
There are 24 hours in a day, I sleep for 8 of them, work for 8 of them, that leave me atleast a good 5-6 hours where I could be writing a day, not to mention all the time I waste on weekends. I don't have to start out writing quality work right away, but I can atleast put some words on paper. Blogging helps, but its not really fiction now is it?
So that's it, from now on I am a writer. No more "I am a specialized care".... wah! No! I will write! Look out Vonnegut, King and Asimov (wait, he might be dead) I'm coming for you. This writer is ready to type.

"The longest journey begins with a single step!" I don't know who said that, but they were full of shit. The first step is always the easiest. Where you have to watch out is step number 562, right when you're starting to get tired, and home sounds so much more comfortable, or something else is sounding easier, and the destination is just not as important as it once seemed. I've taken many first steps and have stopped much before number 562. So I say the longest journey begins when night falls, your hungry and cold, and the wolves are out!

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