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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Look professional... be professional!

So I have this presentation I'm doing for the team today and decided to dress up more than usual. Which means slacks and a tie. Normally this attire is reserved for weddings and funerals (isn't it weird guys wear the same clothes for both).
I've always scoffed at those who state that how you dress reflects how you are. Case in point I would go to my business classes in college in shorts, a tye-dye t-shirt and no shoes. Which if I had my way would probably be how I came to work everyday.
But for some reason I feel like I'm actually working harder today. I know I'm doing the same I do everyday, but I feel more motivated to do it today. Maybe its the lack of air I'm getting having this tie around my neck. Maybe its the cool comfortable feel of the slacks I'm wearing. Who knows, but whatever it is, I'm a new believer, the clothes do make the man.
From this point forward I vow:
I will no longer wear wrinkled shirts! (except for plane rides, they're perfect for plane rides)
I will no longer wear white socks with brown shoes! ( I know, I know)
I will purchase more pairs of slacks, and wear less khaki!
I will find my iron and figure out how it works!
Ok who am I kidding? I don't iron. Monday I'm sure I'll be as wrinkled as ever. But I will make an effort to be less wrinkled, and I've already promised someone I will no longer wear the white socks with the brown shoes. I just need to go shopping and buy some non-white socks. So now you know what to get me for my birthday.

"I base most of my fashion on what doesn't itch"
-Gilda Radner

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