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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I love Honda!

So to start the year out right the transmission in my 98 Honda went out on December 31st. It only has a 100,000 or so miles on it and is typically kept up very well by me. I took it into the Honda Dealership for an estimate, as I do everytime I have problems with it, and they called me and told me it would be $4300. Soon after, I awoke on the floor with quite a nasty bruise and asked the guy again, to make sure I heard him right. Well, I called around and found that I could get it done for about half that anywhere that wasn't a dealership. So I was about to take it in to an Aamco (double A, [honk honk]MCO) to get it done there when I was told that sometimes Honda will assist you or pay for it if you can prove that you've done all the required service on it and are a good customer. So I called into the main Honda line and they gave me a case number and told me someone would be contacting me shortly. Well, in the meantime I was talking with co-workers and one mentioned, "Don't take it to Aamco" as she had, had problems with them in the past. I also rented a car during that time and while chatting with the Enterprise rep (who's office was right across the street from AAMCO) was told that they had heard of numerous people who had had problems with that particular branch of AAMCO. So, short story long, I'm glad I didn't take it there.
Well, I called Honda after about a week and found out that my Case Worker was out on disablity and new one had been assigned to help me out. I left him a message and awaited his call. After a few days I called again. The next morning Brian called me (he had been out the previous day with tooth problems) and left a message requesting some info from me. I called him right back and left another message. Finally, after a total of 3 and 1/2 weeks I was able to actually speak with Brian and explained to him my history of Honda ownership as well as my proclivity for getting them serviced at a Dealership. Well, short story even longer I got a call back today saying that Honda would pay for the entire transmission replacement. Floor, nasty bruise, but this time a cartwheel as well.
Moral of the story... hell I don't know, buy Honda! Or maybe that persistance and pestering customer service reps really does pay off. Yeah, that'll work. Just felt the need to share. Everyone have a great week.

"I'm sorry was that a 4, a 3, and two zero's?"
_Me after being shocked by repair estimate

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