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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

You can't go home again...

...but you sure can have a hell of a lot of fun going back to visit.
There are many places that I have considered home over my life, and my fraternity and friends from college definately contstitute one of them. So despite everything else going on right now I determinedly made it back to Texas this weekend for the wedding of one of my oldest friends.

It was great to be back among my "peeps" some of which are still in college. I ended up being up for about 25 hours straight, only getting four hours of sleep, and spending the majority of my time on a plane or drunk and I came to a solid conclusion. I have no idea how I ever used to live like that. The all night drinking, the chain smoking, the rowdy parties; how did I ever survive college, much less graduate?

The wedding was spectacular, one of the best I've ever been to. At my age, I'm well past the shock of friends getting married, but still getting adjusted to friends having kids. I mean, one of the rowdiest drinkers, cavorters, and all out serious partiers, has one at home and one on the way. That'll really wake you up.

It was fun to catch up with all my old friends, and even better to have, hopefully, made new ones. It made me look back at how much I've changed over the past four years, how much I've grown, and how much luckily I haven't. I will always fondly remeber my college days, but thankfully will not have to relive them anytime soon.

To all of you who know who you are, thanks. Especially you!

How the swan in the lobby survived, I will never know!

"They need to stop calling them weddings, and start calling them renunions."
- A passing comment from Jeremy on the state of our friends weddings

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