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Thursday, February 24, 2005

The story is two-fold, the legend is forever!

So for all of you like me, who feel that cash money is for chumps, the new California quarter is out... and can be found HERE

As you can see it it a tribute to the great John Muir, who not only was the giant who built Half Dome in Yosemite Valley, but was also frequently attacked by what I can only assume was some type of giant prehistoric hawks or eagles (I'm assuming it had something to do with his height). He also carried around a staff made from an entire sequoia and would use it as a seat!
All kidding aside John Muir was the original hippie (or O.H. as all the cool hippies call him) who did a lot for the preservation of nature... and also talked to birds. If you interested in learning more, check out your local library... or click HERE
As I said this story is two-fold, as I was waiting for this page to load, I was pushing said quarter around my desking and happened to scoot it under my keyboard. For those of you working stiffs out there I must give you a warning. Do not lift up your keyboard and look under it... EVER! I use the little tabs on the back of my that keep it slightly titled.. I lifted it up to find the quarter that had scooted underneath it and suddenly knew what that gas is that escapes from tombs not opened in a thousand years. It was a miasma of long forgotten paper clips, dust and little bits of what I can only assume were particle from lunches and snacks enjoyed at my desk. For an extra special treat, turn your keyboard upside down to find all the goodies that float out. Its like the pinata at your poor friends birthday party!

"He was pale and unhealthy and miserable and fawning, and an assiduous borrower of sums ranging from twenty-five cents to a dollar. One dollar was his limit. He knew the extent of his credit..." No Story, by O'Henry [fine you try find a quote about quarters!]

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