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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Envy part II

I think I'm envious of my own Friendster page.

[For those of you old people out there, friendster ( is an online community for those who would like to meet new friends.. or lovers.. or sex buddies.
I mainly use it to keep up with old friends, but have made a couple of e-friends on there as well. (e-friends being those you've never met but you read each other's blogs and sometimes have conversations about life and such)]

So I'm looking at the pictures I have on friendster page and I almost feel like I'm overrepresenting myself. There I am skiing, there I am hiking in Yosemite, there I am fishing off a couch. Look there, its me and Spongebob, me running a marathon, and me thiefing a priceless golden idol from a temple.

Who is this Tim, and how can I meet him. He seems very cool indeed. I was thinking about photoshoping myself into places all over the world, but it seems I've done just fine on my own.

And look at all the friends I have, (a lot of them hot girls, one of them a subway system). Wow, not only is Tim cool, but everyone likes him.

Oh the sad, sad truth of it all. But really how would it look if I only had pictures up there of me sitting on the couch watching TV, me getting something to drink out of the fridge, playing Nintendo or mowing the lawn shirtless (for all the ladies). Imagine it, all of my friends would be TV shows, The Real World, LOST, and The O.C. (shut up, you just shut up).

So I shall continue to live vicariously through my online representation of myself... I just hope he keeps having a good time!

"Envy is an insult to oneself." -Yevgeny Yevtushenko (Russian Poet, b.1933)

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