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Thursday, June 16, 2005


I'm starting to think there is a definite lack of creativity in the media these days.

I will now cite two examples:

Ever since the Watergate scandal (which was actually named after the Watergate hotel) whenever there is a political scandal, we have to add -gate after every scandal.

Ok, so I'm not a big follower of People magazine and who's dating/dumping who, but I'll admit that whoever came up with the phrase Bennifer was an absolute genius. But now, the entire celebrity gossip industry (who view Joan Rivers as their god, and Melissa as their personal savior) has to combine everyone's name into one. After the Anniston/Pitt split (I'm a poet and was not even aware of that fact), all we've been hearing about is Bradalena. And I saw the absolute worst the other day, TomKat for Cruise and Holmes. What if normal couples went around choosing one name for themselves, it would just be weird. Come up with new ideas Media!

And on another note:
Someone please, stop the madness. Leave celebrities alone to live their lives. They are just normal people, when you follow their every move, you are just encouraging people like Susan Sarandon to feel like that have to use their "mic time" for something important. (like when I would be smart ass when I was little and my parents would laugh, and then my older sister would roll her eyes and say "you're just encouraging him!" who made her the buzzkill police anyway?) Stop rear-ending Lindsey Lohan, just b/c she is rich doesn't mean she should have to pay a lot for car insurance!

Celebrities put their pants on, one leg at a time, just like everyone else... of course once those pants are on, they use them to make multimillion dollar blockbusters... and their pants are probably a lot nicer than mine that I bought at Ross... and they usually burn their pants after wearing them once, cuz its easier than washing them. But if I've learned anything from watching Cribs (which, honestly, lets hope I haven't) its that Celebrity's homes look just like ours; food in the fridge, beds in the bedrooms, and TV in the pool. Just let them live their highly glamourous lives and peace, and lets spend all this effort we put towards them towards something worthwhile, like feeing the hungry... or curing AIDS... or the highly glamorous lives of sports stars!

"Scandal is gossip made tedious by morality" -Oscar Wilde

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