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Monday, October 31, 2005

I Love America...

So we have an opportunity to slow the spread of a virus that not only effects 1-4 people, but can also cause cancer and death to some that contract it.

But, if we do this, teenagers, who are already having sex (oral or otherwise) may feel more safe while having sex

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I find it rather sad that the abstinence only crowd has to rely on the threat of STD's to keep kids from having sex. That's like using Hell as a threat to pack the pews on Sunday! When will "they" learn that fear will only keep [the local systems] in line for so long. Eventually the revolt of truth, and accurate information will lose your battle for you (not your intimidating Death Star).

I remember when I was a teen, it was the threat of babies alone that kept my proverbial rocket in my proverbial pocket! When did we stop relying on the threat of babies to keep kids out of sex. There were many afterschool specials where sad little Mandy couldn't go out to play with her friends because she had to stay home with her infant. Have they forgotten the power of the dirty diper?

This is kind of like that magic button, but in reverse. You know the magic button right? If you push it, you get everything you've ever wanted, but somewhere in the world someone you've never met dies. Do you push it?

So for those people wanting to keep kids out of the backseat of cars, HPV is that magic button. We could get rid of it and save the lives of 3700 women a year, or we could keep it and teenagers will magically stop having sex.

"Who are these people?!?" -Jerry Seinfeld

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