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Friday, October 14, 2005


Another Friday and another few hours till the weekend. Five days of working and all you get is two days off, definitely not enough.

So one of my friends decided on Wednesday that they would sell their house... this weekend. As many of my friends do, they bought a house that was a bit of a fixer-upper, and like many of my friends they had kind of slacked off, thinking that things could always get done "tomorrow".

Well, yesterday was "tomorrow" and things got kicked into high gear. We all forwent our weekly happy hour and headed over to his house to get some work done.

They had a "stager" come in to help them get their house more "sellable". This included making places where you can "linger", removing about half the furniture, removing all but about 3 books per shelf, and cramming all this stuff into the garage.

Many jokes about bowls of pomegranates (round things make houses sell) later, we had put a sizable dent in getting the house ready. Crown molding was installed post haste, pictures of the happy couple were removed from walls and shelves (it makes the buyer less likely to bond with the house if they see you), walls were painted different colors, and the backyard was transformed from dismal to exciting... ...and all within a few hours!

just screams "buy me"

We all enjoyed some adult libations and college slop (beer and pizza) and I ended up with a pair of new (to me) speakers.

...and I like to think that we all learned a little bit more about staging.

And though I stayed up later than I have all week, and eventhough I worked my ass of lifting, moving and packing, I feel better than I have all week. There's just something about good honest work with your hands!

Have a great weekend.

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