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Monday, October 03, 2005

Of garage sales, missed dreams, and random parties!

So as opposed to my usual weekends of sitting on my ass and watching TV (which is always my favorite) someone decided to drag me out of the house and make me do stuff!

We started with swapmeet at an old drive-in movie theater, which is always fun. I love looking at other people's crap and seeing how much they want for it. We also stopped at many garage sales on the way home from there. More "other people's crap", more haggling!

Among the many things we picked up this weekend we found:

A hanging plant macrame holder
An Admiral Ackbar, Return of the Jedi, action figure
A five pack of
Tube of Balloons
A VCR for $5 (with remote)
The two good Indiana Jones movies (if you have to ask... don't!)
A large camel Beanie Baby as it reminds her of my dumb ass
Two Jade trees in pots
A framed picture of three flowers (or a frame with three pictures of flowers)
A book of 365 questions for couples (we are so damned cheesy)
and a bonsai pot from Goodwill

We passed on many many other items, but the one of note was the box of 80's Playboy's, his wife was finally making him get rid of. But I think I've finally reached the age where having a large box of nudie mags is just not appropriate.

And yes, now I've finally done it, my blog has succumbed to a boring list of things. Apologies to all for the brain farts, but my girlfriend bought Tivo this weekend and all I can really think about is fast forwarding commercials!

We also made a trek up to Napa this weekend on Sunday to check out some timeshare presentation and recieve free hotel accomodations in Hawaii for five days, four nights. Yes, I know this is always a scam, and yes I know that I shouldn't have agreed to it in the first place, but I had nothing else to do so thought it a good idea. But we never even got to the presentation. Even though our combined income was above the range they were looking for, because we didn't live together, we weren't eligible for their sales pitch! The only time I've ever been punished for not "living in Sin!"

So instead we went to one of our favorite stops in Sonoma Valley, Domaine Carneros, had some champagne, ate some cheese, bought a bottle of champagne, and proceeded to have a better time than we would have touring the "cottages" that were actually just glorified single wides!

And on Saturday night we went to a lovely party in Berkeley where I not only drank more than I should have, talked about blogging more than is really healthy, but also had a random conversation about adolescent abstinence from a non-religious perspective (oh yeah, I also told "the camel joke"). One of the last things I remember as Danielle dragged me out the door, was yelling out my blog address to some random guy who's name was Dan, but I called Doug.

So if you were there, and now you are here, please leave a comment so I will know the effectiveness of my drunken ramblings.

"An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools." -Ernest Hemingway

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