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Monday, September 26, 2005

Killer Yellow Jackets II: Electric Boogaloo!

So thinking I had successfully killed the entire nest of wasps I decided to do a little excavating on the stump in my flower bed on Friday. I get out my trusty shovel and loosen the stump on all sides and flip it over expecting to find a bunch of dead wasps. Instead I found trouble, and lots of it:
Nest of Doom, Hive of Villiany!

In case you can't tell from the picture, that grayish item on the bottom of the stump that is about the size of a football was the yellow jacket hive. In case you also can't tell, it was still full of live yellow jackets, angry ones, lots of em! This time I luckily avoided being stung, and then proceeded to spray the crap out of the hive. I can now happily announce that the yellow jacket threat is now gone! I have some better pictures that weren't taken while still in fear for my life, I'll try and post those later.

I moved the stump over to trash can and was peering at it while my neighbor pulled in next door. He came over to see what had me so entranced and when he saw it, mentioned that it would be neat to clean it up and laquer it and use it as a decoration. I granted him full license to the hive under the stipulation that he show it to me after he is done!

The yellow jackets are now gone, and I have filled the void in my flower bed with a crepe myrtle... ...but what will fill the void in my heart...

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