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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Lovely Rita, Hurri-cane!

I realize that Rita has probably been covered Ad-nauseum in other blogs you may enjoy, but as it is all that is on my mind right now, and I made a promise to myself to post more often, this is what you get!

The little lady is expected to make landfall sometime late Friday night or early Saturday morning, and her current path is taking her directly towards everyone I've ever called family. Luckily my sister and her little ones have evacuated to Dallas, but my mother is still in the path of the storm. Conroe is far enough inland that it won't receive the full brunt of the storm, but it will still get a lot of wind, rain, and possible flooding. Needless to say, I am freaking the fuck out!

My mother is the one person in my life who I have always depended on and who is always there to help me out of whatever major fix it is I land myself in! The one time she really needs me to be there to help her, I am half a continent away. I am worried because she is by herself in her house in the country. I am worried because there are many old trees looming near her house, and I am worried because I don't know what she would do if she was there by herself and something happened to the house while she is in it, while the storm is raging!

It brings out all kinds of emotions that I'm not sure I'm ready to post for the world to see ranging from fear of "losing my mommy" to anger at other parties for the reason she is alone. I'm definately understanding more how my mother felt when she lost her father a few years ago.
I considered flying home to be with her, but logistically it doesn't work and I don't even know if they are allowing people to fly in.

I'm hourly checking The Weather Channel to see if the projected path has turned even more east than it already has (or if the storm has yet downgraded). I know it is bad of me to hope that the storm path takes it East, away from my family, but back towards those areas already horribly affected, but I can't help the way I feel. I'm selfish in the regard that I would rather know that my family is safe even though it may mean others are in more danger.

But my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in that region, and I hope you have all done all you can to make yourselves, or your families safe! (...and yes dear, you have done all you can for him, and he may yet see sense!)

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