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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pink Eye 2: Electric Boogaloo

Ok, so this has been driving me crazy lately. I vaguely remember watching a movie sometime in the 80's about conjunctivitis (aka Pink Eye). There was a guy who had pink eye who worked at a Pizza Parlor, he would rub his eyes, and then make pizza, and a huge pink eye epidemic spread around town. I could've sworn it was Scott Baio (thus the whole South Park, "Scott Baio gave me Pink Eye" reference) but I could be wrong, as the movie is not listed on his page.

Its possible I dreamed this, or maybe it was an episode of Joani loves Chachi, or maybe even just a public service announcement, all I really remember is the sinister music playing as he would rub his eye and make pizza.

Does anyone remember anything along these lines... or have I finally lost my mind?!?

"Well, I was standing out in a field, and I had this huge satellite dish stickin' outa my butt. Then there was hundreds of cows and aliens, and then I went up on their ship and Scott Baio gave me pink eye." -Eric Cartman

***UPDATE*** I have contacted the premier resource on movies from the 80's (and probably the only person reading this who got the whole Electric Boogaloo reference) and its starting to look like I am probably just losing my mind. But if anyone can restore my sanity, please do!

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