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Monday, August 15, 2005

...and I'm out!

So let's just count this as lesson learned!

Today, for some reason, I was craving chips and salsa. There's a little taqueria near my house which I, for some reason, have a fond memory of eating at with my roommate. My past recollections of the place were that is was ok, and semi-authentic. Well no more!

I had already resigned myself to the fact that I wasn't going to get a carne sauce with my cheese enchiladas, so it wasn't that. After perusing the menu choices, (sorry dear, no queso) I had two options if I wanted enchiladas, one was enchiladas a la carte, the other was a combination plate with a choice of enchiladas. When I told the lady what I wanted I said, "I'll have the cheese enchilada plate" assuming she would know I wanted the combination plate that included the rice and beans.

After waiting what seemed like forever, (and after my co-worker was almost done with her meal) I went up to the counter to see what the hold up was. "It'll be right up" I was assured. A few minutes later that fellow that assured me of this was at my table asking for my receipt to see what I had ordered. Apparently, his idea and my idea of "right up" are world's apart. I'm typically a congenial guy, I understood that sometimes mistakes are made and I was sure my food would be ready promptly. When they called my number I went up to the counter to get my food only to discover that its just the enchiladas, no rice, no beans. I explain politely that I ordered the combination plate, he confers with the register lady, long story short, rice and beans are put on my plate.

I heave a sigh of relief. Its been a long ordeal, but I finally got what I asked for and I'm ready to eat. I cut into the enchilada... its not cheese, its steak! So frustrated with the entire ordeal, I take my food back up to the counter, request my money back, and return to work, hungry, angry, and full of spit and vinegar (and not much else).

I wonder if the Taqueria in Walnut Creek reads my blog, and knew that I had dealt the mexican food industry in California a major blow with my last scathing review. Probably not, its probably much bigger than that. I'm sure the Taqueria Mafia is laughing in their sombreros right now and daring me to try and eat Mexican food out here again!

So no more mexican food for me... unless I'm back in Texas, I think they still like me!

If I'm not careful I may wake up with a Chihuahua's head in my bed.

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