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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Team Building... with Dolphins!

So, I know I rarely fume about work on here, but since this is my outlet, you will just have to bear with me.

Recently our team won some money for some great accomplishment that we did (or something) and now we have to decide as a team where we want to go with this money.

Right off, someone suggested
Six Flags Marine World, and boy was I pumped. As a six year old boy at heart, I have been wanting to go to Marine World since I moved out here! In fact, I had made plans with the girls who tried to steal my car months ago, but of course, that fell through! So when I heard that not only would I get to go and not pay for it, but I would also get to miss a day of work for it, I almost peed myself!

But of course, we have a couple of old
biddies on our team who have to ruin it for everyone. "I don't wanna spend all day out in the hot sun" "I'm too old to have fun" Which is really frustrating because they are a minority on the team and everyone else wants to go!

I know, I know, we all won the money, and we should all find something we can all do to have fun, but I don't care! Timmy wants!

Our last team build was to
Winchester Mystery House, which was fun, but its not something I would normally choose for a day off work. I know, I shouldn't complain, it is a free day off. And now they are talking about doing the wine train, which would be fun, but some of them are anti-drinking, and I know they aren't willing to be DD's. So we'll end up riding a train in Napa, and not drinking, or paying for our own drinking, all the while I'll be thinking about whales and roller coasters.

FYI: If anyone is wondering what would be the perfect birthday, Christmas, or "just because" gift for the ol' Timmer, you can always keep this in mind:
Timmy Wants! {Aside to himself Maybe I should set up a paypal account so my readers can donate towards the "Send Tim to the dolphins" Fund... ...we'll see!}
UPDATE: Upon further reading it appears that you don't actually get to swim with the dolphins, only wear a wetsuit and sit near them for, according to the website, "30 minutes of in-water touchy-feely" time. Which is the same thing that got our neighborhood swim coach in trouble, all those years ago. So, nix the Marine World dolphin "touch feely", I'll just have to wait until I'm in Hawaii or something.

"To be stupid, selfish, and have good health are three requirements for happiness, though if stupidity is lacking, all is lost. " -Gustave Flaubert French realist novelist (1821-1880)

"SELFISH, adj. Devoid of consideration for the selfishness of others. " -Ambrose Bierce

"Next to the very young, the very old are the most selfish." -William Makepeace Thackery

and one more...

"The man who lives by himself and for himself is likely to be corrupted by the company he keeps. " -Joaquin Miller

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