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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thursday's are tie days

So going back to a posting I wrote back in February, I recently decided to adopt Thursday's as tie days. I've got all these ties I never really get a chance to wear, so I decided that once a week, I would wear a tie to work.

Why Thursday, you ask? Well, Friday's are casual days, and it would just look weird to wear one then, Monday's are crap, why make them worse, and Tuesday and Wednesday are right out! Thursday's mean the week is almost over, and what better way to announce that, than by wearing a tie!

So, I encourage all of you out there who work in a business casual environment, spice things up on Thursdays and wear a tie. Everyone at work will give you weird looks, "where are you going?" "who are you interviewing with?" and many other wonderful things will be said to you. So go out there and wear a tie. It makes you feel so much more professional, even though you are not!

In case you are confused, let me explain:
These are ties:

This is how you tie it: (I prefer the Half Windsor, the full Windsor always seems to be overdoing it, and the Four in hand makes it hang below my belt)

The things we, guys go through to look nice for you ladies!

This is how you look in a tie:

This is how you look without a tie:

Any Questions?

Be sure to check out A Full and Rhyming History of the Necktie

"An old suit, a battered hat, a perfect tie, and a good collar, that's what makes a well dressed man." -Baron de Meyer - a 1930 international style expert

"A well tied tie is the first serious step in life." -Oscar Wilde - wit, poet, dramatist 1854-1900 -- he tied his first tie at the age of two while wearing a smoking jacket

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