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Monday, August 22, 2005

Expect the Expected

As you can see from the picture below, Thursday's Tie Day, went off without a hitch (faces of the innocent have been pixelated for their protection).

[As you can see, I have taken to pretending I'm on an album cover when I take pictures, it makes the whole thing a lot more fun]

This was a great weekend for me, I hope the rest of you enjoyed your time off. Friday night started off slow with happy hour, but ended on high note with 40 Year Old Virgin, which was the funniest movie I have seen in a while.

Saturday morning started off with what may become my new Saturday morning ritual of French Toast and TV. But everything picked up as I joined my friends for a birthday celebration in "the City" at a nice restaurant called Sauce. It was a small intimate location, (read "call ahead for a reservation") and had many highlights to the menu, the main three would be the Cilantro Chicken "Beggars Purse" to start, the Bacon Wrapped "Meatloaf" (who knew you could make Meatloaf better!) and for desert I would have to stick with the sponge cake made to taste like PB&J. Magnifique! The whole experience in general was good for me. I rarely get out into the city and frankly have developed a phobia about driving over there. But I think I might have conquered that fear (with the help of Google Maps) as I was able to get there with no problems, and find a parking spot within a block of the restaurant! (which anyone out here knows is simply a miracle)

Then to top everything off we went to a BBQ in the Lake Merritt area on Sunday afternoon. Another place I have never been to, and frequently avoid for no reason is Oakland (O-town to no one). Oakland always gets a bad rap about crime and violence, which is partly true, but there are some really nice parts of Oakland, Lake Merrit being one of those. I just found out that I have some friends from college that live out here, and they just moved to a really nice house like a block from the lake. It was really good to get out and meet new people, and to get re-acquainted with some old ones... there were three kinds of salsa, made by a Texan who knows what good salsa is supposed to taste like. We brought a beautifully arranged fruit salad served in a hollowed out watermelon. Everyone just loved it! (Thanks dear!)

The weirdest part of the evening though was the fact that I went to a small college in Texas of only about 1200 students, and here, half a continent away, I was at a party where a majority (or atleast half) of the people were Alumni. "

And the evening was topped off with a viewing of Guess Who.I had my apprehensions about this movie as well, thinking it was merely a crappy remake of a crappy remake of a classic movie. But it turned out surprisingly good. I guess that pretty much sums up the whole weekend for me... I didn't expect anything and got a lot in return! Buddha would be so proud...

"Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise." ~Alice Walker

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