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Friday, September 23, 2005

Stealthy, stealthy Christians!

Ok, so recently I've been playing a lot of online games in anticpation of receiving some Lucas Arts Classics I'm buying on Ebay (Sam and Max hit the Road, The Dig, Full Throttle, Monkey Island).

Today I came across this game that looks interesting called
King's Call. Apparently a dragon has destroyed your village and you must journey to meet the king, who will let you live in his swank castle. You are helped along the way by a sheep and a shepard.

It was an ok game, with easy gameplay and fairly good graphics. The goal is to destroy the dragon and make it to the castle. While I was playing though I had a sneaking suspicion that it was something else. There a carnival that you couldn't escape from because of all the pretty prizes, there was a monk character who gave you potion to throw at the dragon, a "learned" man who relies on his "science" only, and a boastful knight who couldn't face his fear. It was about the time I got to the bridge and the "shepard" gave his life slaying the dragon to protect my own that I realized this is an allegory. Dammit all! If I wanted an allegory I would pick a good one, like The Chronicles of
Narnia, not some claptrap flash game!

Which got me thinking on allegory. Would books like the Chronicles of Narnia be approved by the religious right if they were released today. Or would a world peopled with witches, ex-wives of Adam, frendly fauns and centaurs, trolls, talking beavers, and magic be as demonized as Harry Potter?

There is no doubt that the Narnia books are great, in fact, its from that and the other writings of C.S. Lewis that I draw many of the tenets of my beliefs. But would the current incarnation of Christianity in America be able to accept a story so steeped in the mythical.

Just something for you to ponder... In the meantime, if you have not read the above mentioned books, do so, or be lazy and see what looks to be a great movie in December instead.

...and keep your eye out for those ninja Christians... they'll get you!

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