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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Getting Dooced!

So one of the employees at the clinic where my roommate works was recently let go due to her blogging about her work place. She had been posting bad things about her workplace and fellow employees on her blog, as well as telling other employees about her blog, and was unjustly upset when they let her go.

So my roommate asked me what my thoughts, as a blogger, were on the subject. I, in no uncertain terms, told her that I thought it was totally justified that she be fired. Everyone knows that it is rule number one not to blog about about your workplace and not expect to face repercussions if you do, and get caught. There have been numerous cases of workers being fired for this, and plastered on walls all across the blogosphere is the phrase, in big flashing letters:

"Thou shalt not blog about work, without prior approval from management, and possibly not even then, I mean, really its your job, isn't paying bills more important than your idle ramblings, I mean, come on!"

No one have ever credited bloggers with being succint.

Granted, years ago, when blogging was as unheard of as time-traveling washing machines, no expected to get fired for their online journal. In fact, they probably weren't even sure anyone was reading their posts except for family and friends anyway.

The reason we have our
Dooce's and our flight attendant who got fired for blogging on crappy customers is to be an object lesson for the rest of us. They are the Jonah's and the Lot's of the blogworld, there to let the rest of us know what not to do!

Let those who do not heed their example be cast out into the wilderness where there will be crying, and anguish and the ever dreaded gnashing of the teeth!

Just you and the camel... gnashing!

****As a sidenote, I find it very amusing that the spellcheck provided by blogger does not know the words, blog or blogger.*****

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