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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I'm infectious...

...and you've got the fever!

I recently added a new feature to my blog called Clustr Maps. Its over there on the left side, about halfway down, and it shows the location of people who visit my site. I'm very excited about this as I can now verify that my friends in New York and San Diego are indeed reading my blog. As for my readers in Chile, Norway, and whatever that island is off the coast of Canada (how's the weather in Conception Bay) I have no idea who you might be, but I hope you're enjoying the disease!.

Looking at the map reminds me of a movie like
Outbreak, where they show a large map with a localized infection, and then show how the infection will spread over the next few days and weeks (until we are all dead). So my influence is getting out there, and its spreading!

Its also very educational for me, as I try and pinpoint what city or area my readers might be in from the very large dot on the map. Its like a geography lesson, in fact, it would be a great tool for teachers to use to encourage children to learn. ...and who says I never do anything to help the youth of today?

Who will be my first reader from Africa? from Australia or New Zealand? Will it be you? or you? Am I banned in China? We'll just have to wait and see!

"I have the map! And the day after tomorrow, the world!" -Evil Genius in Time Bandits

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