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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Intelligent Re-design!

So with all this hubbub on Intelligent Design vs. Evolution lately, I think I might have come up with a solution... ...are you ready for it... ...I really don't think you are... ...ok, here goes:

Lets just teach religion in schools!

There, its that simple, its what they want, lets just do it.

Now, before the stoning begins, let me state that I'm not saying lets teach Creationism in Science class (we don't teach evolution in Sunday school after all), I'm saying lets create a religion class in high school.

Once again, I'm not saying lets have a Christianity class in Kindergarten, but high school students are intelligent enough to be able to come to their own decisions.

Of course, this new religion class wouldn't just teach the history of Christianity, but of all major (and possibly some minor) religions in the world. Its a proven (not really) fact that education increases tolerance. With the current state of religious unrest in the country I think it would be a good idea if more people had a true idea of what others believe.

There would, of course, be a section on Christianity, but also a section on Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Mormonism, Taoism, and possibly even Native American theology specific to each region (as there are many of them) and whatever other religions I may have forgotten

his noodly appendage would not be included

Not only would this allow alternative theories of evolution to be taught, such as the Hindu belief that the world is actually on the back of a very large turtle as it progresses across the universe, but it would also allow students to learn about the beliefs and customs of their neighbors.

Gone would be the days when all Muslims are considered terrorists.

Gone would be the day when Jewish students are wished a "Happy Yom Kippur".

And gone would be the days when Christians are persecuted in their own country (Rome?).

From a personal view, the classes I took on Islam in college (because all the Christianity classes were at like 8 a.m.) really opened my eyes to actual beliefs and culture of this religion, as opposed to what I had picked up on the school bus in junior high. Learning did not make me want to go out and become a Muslim (all that praying for one thing, and once again, getting up early is an issue for me). It taught me that it is not a culture of anger and hate, but a culture of love based on many of the same principles as Christianity. And just like the religion I'm more familiar with, it is also full of many different sects which interpret their holy book in many different ways.

Now many may say that its not fair that their children are being forced (taught) to be culturally tolerant and more aware of the world in which they live, and to those people I would say...

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