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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The dogs! They're smart and crafty!

Of the many things I didn't do this weekend, one of the things I did was re-seed for sod a part of my backyard. I fenced it off from the three dogs, and diligently brought metal to soil and tilled a good part of the yard. I rended weed from soil in a hand- and back-achingly way, I painstakingly spread seed evenly over the lawn and proceeded to "roll" it all, and I agonizingly watered it all down. All in all, it wasn't really that bad, it only took about an hour or two, and I was pretty satisfied with a job well done!

My roommate has a couple of fence panels you can use to make a small pen for your dog, so I stretched them out to make a fence to keep the dogs from pooping and trooping through this part of the lawn. This is where the epic struggle begins.

It started Saturday night as I was sitting out enjoying a beer in the fenced off area and enjoying the dogs being fenced out. Without so much as a rattle of the fence, suddenly I find my dog roaming around near me, smelling things, pooping, the usual.

Now, everytime I turn around I'm either picking the fence back up, or dragging a lab, rotweiler or border collie out of there.

Now they have learned to work together though. Last night while I was putting the fence back up, after it was knocked over for the second time, Bandit was silently inside making quick work of the tray of fresh brownies on the counter.

Then, while I was getting Terra out of the fenced area, Digory and Bandit were sifting through the remains of the trash!

They are crafty, but I will prevail!

It may be an uphill battle, but as long as I put up the good fight, in the spring I will have a nice section of lawn thickly carpeted with Fescue!

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