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Monday, January 09, 2006

"I saved Latin, what did you ever do?"

Well, I saved Grammies, for starters.

Last night I was over at my girlfriends apartment watching the Simpson's, getting ready for the build-up to the new Family Guy (which I missed half of, but that is neither here, nor there).

I decided to step outside for few minutes to get some fresh air. I was standing out there for a minute or two before I realized that the noises I was hearing were coming from nearby. The noises were as follows:

"Hello, there?"


repeated over and over. I looked over the railing down to the parking area to see, to my surprise, an older lady sprawled out on the ground as if she had fallen.

Realizing that there is no way I'll be able to explain to Danielle quickly enough what is happening, I simply close the door (to keep the kitties in) and rush down to help this lady.

I help her up, and she assures me she is fine, but she is not standing too steadily. The ramp there is pretty steep, so I offer to help her up to the street.

There was a little blood on her upper lip, as if she fell hard, so I insisted that she have a seat for awhile before she continues on.

Her answers to where she lived were rather vague, and if not for her snazzy dress, I would have assumed her homeless, but not wanting to admit it.

After a glass of water, Danielle and I offered to call someone for her, but she didn't know the number. She knew her husband's name though, and we called directory assistance for the number.

A younger sounding man, who didn't sound like her husband, answered. He spoke with her, and she handed the phone back to me, so I gave him directions to where we were. (apparently he was a nephew)

A short time later, their car pulled up, and a girl about my age (who am I kidding, she was about college age) jumps out of the car yelling, "Did you find our Grammies?"

They were very grateful, and they proceeded to help "Grammies" back to their car, and, I'm assuming, took her home and made her some cocoa.

I felt pretty good about myself for the next few hours, having saved Grammies and all, but then I got to thinking about it.

What did I do that was so great? Sure, I helped an old lady get home, but what other options did I really have?

I couldn't have pretended I didn't see her, and just go back to my Simpson's watching.

I guess I could have just walked her back up to the street, and let her go on her way, but I think she may have fallen if I had tried to let her go before sitting her down.

Maybe there are people out there who would've just tried to mug her and leave her, but I am definitely not one of those.

I didn't even really go out of my way, she was almost literally, right under my nose. I even had TiVo recording my show, so it's not like I made a great sacrifice there.

Do we really live in a society where helping out an old lady makes me feel like I deserve a medal? Or do I just have delusions of grandeur?

Granted, I still am glad that I helped another person out, but it is after all what any decent person would've done.

When it comes right down to it, I guess all that really matters is that "Grammies" is back home, safe and warm.

not this kind of Grammy

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