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Monday, December 19, 2005

The Holidays are vnder attack!

I jvst wanted to take a moment and step ovtside my vsval levity to talk abovt a very seriovs svbject.

One of ovr most treasvred holidays is vnder attack!

The December 25th celebration of Natalis Solis Invicti, (or the Birth of the Vnconqverable Svn, which also coincides with the winter solstice celebration) is under threat from ovtside sovrces.

As most of yov know, the Roman Empire has long celebrated this most holy of days. This is the day when all slaves are freed, and many masters act as slaves in their own hovseholds. We also often exchange gifts with each ovr loved ones, and we vsvally get some time off of work as well.

Well, a certain grovp of people (we'll call them "aggressors against the homeland") are out to destroy ovr most favoured of holidays!

They vsvally celebrate their religion on Janvary 6th. It has long been the norm that, that is their holiday.

Bvt now they are threatening ovr very being, and trying to assimilate vs all by moving their holiday to December the 25th. Coincidentally enovgh, the same day as ovrs.

Many of the stricter adherants of their religion are banning the celebration of this holiday they are refering to as Christ's Mass, due to the so called "pagan" associations with this date. [and many did so until the 1800's -ed. note] There are many other followers of this religion in other regions, and they still maintain their holidays on the original date. This is a direct attack vpon everthing we hold dear!

So I encourage yov all to enjoy the Solis celebrations this year. If we do not make a stand, this may be ovr last.


Paranoidvs Maximvs
379 AD

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