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Monday, December 05, 2005

I'm burgeoing all over the place... (so you'd better get this party started!)

My friend Beau (who is fond of big words) has a list on links on his site to his friends pages. They are all described as burgeoning artists, or playwrights, or bands.

His description of me is:

my buddy, burgeoning Tim.

That's right bitches, I'm working hard on being Tim, and by gum, I'm gonna be the best Tim I can be, and mostly likely the best Tim you'll ever know! Years from know you can look back and say "I knew him when he was only Timmy".

Thanks Beau, for summing me up so aptly. (and thanks for having a name with three vowels and one consonant, get a real name you french bastard! (whom is neither French, nor born out of wedlock))!

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