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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

You'll never believe...

So yesterday, as I'm sitting at my hum-drum job, being bored beyond belief, while waiting on hold, my cell phone rings.

I recognize a local area code, so I go ahead an answer it, thinking its one of my friends, (hey, I have a few). But no, its Joelle calling me with some great news.

She quickly reminds me that there was an alternate transportation fair here about a month ago, and there was a bike giveaway that I entered.

Let me stop a moment here to tell you my recent experience with giveaways. A few months before that, I entered in to win a Hummer, and got a call to buy a timeshare instead. Then I decided to enter for a free trip to Hawaii, but was offered to buy a timeshare once again. Every now and then I will win a free lunch from putting my card in a fishbowl, but then I get a meeting with Financial Advisor who wants to make me money.

So, as she is relating to me that I entered this bike contest, I blurt out in disbelief, "I won a bike?". "Yes!" she says. I have indeed won a bike! She will be by with the invoice on Thursday, and I will go and pick up my bike. The thing is, I thought I was registering for the Segway that was sitting next to the drawing table.

wouldn't have known what to do with one, anyway

I'm really excited, I haven't gotten a new bike since I was about 10, and I've been thinking lately how nice it would be to have a bike to "zip" around town on. I'm not sure of the exact specifications of the bike, but from what I remember it was a pretty nice one. But if I don't like the one that Joelle picks out, I can always pay the difference for something better.

I wonder if I can teach my monkey to hump parrots...

Oh yeah, I also found out that I won a free seat cushion from my actual employer (the bike was from the company that gave the transpofair). Which isn't nearly as exciting as the bike!


"Bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like." -Queen

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