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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Shelley the Snail

Remember back in English class during high school, when the teacher would give you fifteen minutes to write in your journal about anything you wanted? Well, today I chose to write about snails, and fast ones, I hope you enjoy!

There once was snail named Shelley. Now she didn't get along at all with any of the other snails, because she was very, very fast. Well, not fast when compared to a car, or a bullet train, or even a turtle, but fast for a snail.

All of the other snails would make fun of her because of her speed.

Her schoolmates would call her Speedy, and Zippy, in very mean ways.

Old man snails would come out on the front porch as she sailed by and yell out, "Slow down! You maniac!"

But Shelley couldn't help it, she was just a fast snail. She had always been a fast snail, she was even born early.

One day Shelley decided that she was tired of all the ridicule, so she packed up some clothes, and some food, and decided to set out upon the world.

Her first two days were very uneventful. She saw a nice pond one day, and decided to stop there for a bit and munch on some grass. But then a group of rough looking slugs showed up, and she decided it was time to be on her way.

During the middle of the second day, Shelley stopped off near a large wooden porch. Unbeknownst to her, this porch was the very beginning of a large house, which was owned by the same people who owned the property she lived on. (In fact, she had only actually traveled about 30 feet during her two day journey. )

She decided to rest for awhile in the shade, where there was a nice sized drop of water for her to sip on.

While lounging about she her a loud booming voice coming from the porch.

"James, those snails have gotten into my plants again, and this time I think they are going to kill them. We have got to do something about them."

"Martha," Jim said, "I am already on top of things, I ordered some snail killer, and it will be here early next week. So in five days time, all of your snail problems will be gone!"

Shelley was appalled! She was scared and frightened, and she cried for quite a good time.

But then she realized that she had to help out her old community, and using all the speed she possessed, she hauled shell back to her home.

What was a two day trip originally, only took her one day to complete.

She quickly raised the alarm to her community, telling them to hurry and pack their things, they had to move on, and quick.

Well, the oldsters didn't believe her, and just thought she wanted them to rush around like she always did. Her classmates refused to leave all of their toys and possessions, thinking Shelley was trying to get them out of town so she could play with them herself.

At first, even her family didn't believe her, but as she was always such a good girl, they finally relented and agreed to leave the village with her.

Four days, and 25 feet later (her family was not as quick as her) Shelley's family found a nice hollow at the base of a tree which they could call their new home.

It was about sunset that night when they heard the first screams from the their old village.

It seems that Farmer James had received his snail poison, and it was very painful.

As Shelley's former village writhed in pain and agony, the secretly regretted taunting Shelley for all of those years, and for not listening when they tried to warn her.

Shelley was a speedy snail

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